Wall Paintings

a Pintura breeze. Freehand spraypaint.

Festival Flava, Freehand spraypaint @ Roest, Amsterdam

let da hand dance!

freehanded spraypaint. 2013 TeamD up with Mike.
(Wildstyle Almere)

mr Music, freehanded spraypaint.

Campers, cars, boats.. Hook me UP!

kidsroom, freehand spraypaint.

what eva you wish.

This is One of Five walls i did in 1 Day! freehand spraypaint.

Optimus Prime @ de OT301, Amsterdam. Freehand spraypaint.

Greatness. freehanded spraypaint.

freehanded spraypaint & tape + Latex.

Amsterdam, Kinkerstraat 24. Check out the Scrapyard!

drop by and enjoy the Flavaz.

Amsterdam, Rembrandt. spraypaint freehanded.

gues what' di Pintura & freehanded.

Riez&Sender ,Amsterdam. Riez-One;

Shout out 2 Borgoe/Loekie. Asjemenou!

Souvenirsshop Amsterdam, sealing painting/ plaffonnetje!

Souvenirshop next 2 da Westerkerk.
Pintura & SndR.

Bikestore Amsterdam, freehand spraypaint

ries D-sign, Bikestore, freehand spraypaint

Riez-One & Shure(not vissible iz on da left)

Westerpark , beetje folie & wat paint..

and again.

Amsterdam Noord ,freestyle freehand spraypaint.

biertje & bbQ Amsterdam Westerpark, freehandspraypaint
freehand spraypaint.

Shout out 2 Chico, Thirsty Dogg.

kidsroom, freehand spraypaint.

the R.

Lincoln Caddy, freehand spraypaint

legal wall, freehand spraypaint.
Millennium'Miek (Robotix Hiphop)_
freehand spraypaint 2006, Redlight district.

Ries in Nice France. Thanks le Vogles.

Freehand spraypaint, Restaurant.

All freehand spraypaint, Only spray N no tape or stencils. Just freehand spray!

Richart Pintura (h)art-works.
freehand spraypaint.

Freehand spraypaint 2010.
Swimmingpool decoration, indoor.

Freehand spraypaint.
Dive in2 adventure.

Freehand spraypaint.
Lincoln Caddilac.

Freehand spraypaint.

Freehand spraypaint 4 Lincoln.

Freehand spraypaint in Portugal.
Lissabon R P production.

Freehand spraypaint, Dragon/crocodile.

Freehand spraypaint 4 da kidz

That DragonTale. Freehand spraypaint.

Freehand spraypaint TeamD UP with Miky Mike.
(Wildstyle Almere)

Richart Pintura voor Rijschool van Ark,
Freehand spraypaint, & latex en tape background.

work hard play harder!

plezier drmee!

Backstage 2015

Richart Pintura One

 2009 ofzo, 


2012  op die kinki tip

#scrapyard #amsterdam, hashtagg tryout

2010? di pintura funky flow tip, DJ DO.
lekker funky met leftovers. 

Freehand spraypaint,

Luigi in Trapnotov from years ago

Richart, King Willem. Westerpark 4 di padre & Leo

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